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LR03/AAA (Micro) alkaline manganese battery, 1.5 V

LR03/AAA (Micro) alkaline manganese battery, 1.5 V

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  • The versatile energy source for daily use. Maximum capacity for safe and reliable energy, whenever required. Especially suitable for devices with high energy consumption, such as flashlights, toys, audio devices, remote controls and more.
  • high efficiency, for devices with high energy requirements 
  • long lifetime for applications with constant and low energy consumption
  • up to 7 years shelf life without loss of performance, heat and cold resistant
  • contains no mercury and cadmium


  • Battery
  • Construction size AAA (Micro)
  • IEC-Name LR03
  • ANSI/NEDA-Name 24A
  • JIS-Name UM4
  • Technology alkaline manganese battery
  • Voltage 1.5 V
  • rechargeable no
  • Storage ability 7 years
  • General
  • Consumption Unit 10 pcs. blister
  • Height 44.5 mm
  • Diameter 10.5 mm
  • Weight 11.2 g

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